Arizona is currently producing the largest elk bulls in the world! Now you can hunt elk in northern Arizona with a professional guide service that has a high success ratio for mature bulls that score 350 B&C points or better.

We’re “Elk-aholics”

We hunt only the largest bulls in northern Arizona. Our guides have been guiding with Big Chino Guide Service since we began in 1987 and are some of the most knowledgeable guides in Arizona when it comes to hunting trophy elk! We only offer a quality trophy elk hunt in Arizona as we are not concerned with the number of hunters that we book but the caliber of trophy that you kill!

Elk Hunting with a Bow, Muzzle Loader or Rifle

Archery elk hunts are by far our most favorite hunt as there are more big bulls killed then than any other hunt available in Arizona

Come hunt elk in Arizona with Big Chino Guide Service & call in these world class bulls within just a couple of feet of you! There is a bull screaming right now for you to come hunt trophy bulls in Arizona! Your trophy bull is waiting!


Big Chino Guide Service JP Vicente with Giant Archery Bull!


JP Vicente Founded Big Chino Guide Service in 1987. His passion for hunting has led him to find every opportunity to be in the field and that is how Big Chino Guide Service emerged! The desire to hunt trophies with JP is in the forefront of every hunter that Big Chino guides. With a long history of field experience, JP is most known for calling in monster bulls and shooting trophy bucks. He has spent so many days in the field with the monarchs of the southwest in which allows JP to have a vast knowledge of hunting these true trophies. JP and crew has countless days be hind glass as in the southwest spotting and stalking is by far one of the most successful tactics.

JP is a native Arizona kid that grew up in the outdoors of the central mountains of Arizona He is married to Shawn Vicente whom have been married since 1983.In which they have raise a family with 2 sons, Michael and Junior and A daughter Brianna. Their children grew up hunting and fishing and are now raising their families in the outdoors. JP served in the US Army as a Flight Medic and has a well established Career as a Fire Captain Paramedic.

JP loves spending time teaching youth hunters and non hunters that are getting involved in the outdoors how to hunt and leave the least impact of the environment. The “Leave No Trace” theory of the US Forest Service is something that JP takes seriously and when in the outdoors keeps that as a priority when in the outdoors.

JP seeks serious trophy hunters to hunt with and hopes that you will call soon to visit about hunting in Arizona and Sonora Mexico. Feel free to contact JP direct at any time.

Email: or on his cell phone: 928-925-9395


  Big Chino's Michael Vicente

Michael Vicente is the eldest son of JP and Shawn Vicente. Michael has grown up in the outdoors following his dad around the central mountains of Arizona. Michael’s 1st hunting experience started on his dad’s shoulders when he was 2 years old. Michael has created a great name for himself in the hunting industry and has put his hunters on some of the largest trophies taken in Arizona! Michael is married to Shannel Vicente and is expecting his 1st child in June of 2012. (A boy and his Name will be “Hunter”) If you wish to speak to Michael you can do so by contacting him on his cell phone, 928-925-9394 or Email:




Big Chino’s Junior Vicente

Junior, like his brother Michael, grew up in the outdoors. Junior is the youngest son, at the age of 20 and has an incredible knack for locating trophy animals behind glass. Like many of our younger guides they spend countless hours as spotters behind glass. Junior has become so methodical behind glass when hunters have Junior on their hunt as the spotter they constantly are wanting to have constant contact with him as his expertise and patience on glass stand outs. Junior has been a spotter for Big Chino since he was 12 years old. That’s 8 years behind glass. He has orchestrated more stalks than most guides around. Junior has been one of those guys behind the scenes for Big Chino and when he completes his College Football Career and Degree, he will take over a full time guide position. Currently Junior is working on the Promotions with Sponsors and Marketing of Big Chino Guide Service. He is completing his degree in Business and Marketing at Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff Arizona. We are excited for what he brings to this family owned and operated business.